Check out the UFC Fight Night Statistical Companion!

A web app containing a suite of comprehensive data visualization tools used to explore detailed historical statistics on all fighters on the upcoming UFC card

Here is the link, be sure to check it out on a desktop (rather than a mobile device):

Before starting this blog, I spent a lot of time working with publicly available UFC statistics. I found the sites available at that time to be severely lacking. I’d often have to click several times just to view a single fighter’s historical statistics spread out over many separate web pages. As a result, it was incredibly frustrating to simply try to view and compare statistics between the two fighters in each bout on the upcoming UFC card.

Eventually, around March 2020, I decided to make my own site that would enable me to quickly and cleanly visualize publicly available statistics on the fighters on the upcoming card. Soon after that I decided to share it with others in the form of a web app, which I’ve named the UFC Fight Night Statistical Companion. I update the web app regularly so it (almost) always reflects the upcoming UFC card. While it has no official affiliation with the UFC, I hope to continue to grow this web app into a valuable, comprehensive resource for UFC audiences of all types.